UNIQA Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines all values and rules that we have committed to uphold and defines the rules of conduct for various areas of our daily work. It governs dealings with customers, business partners and the authorities as well as with employees. The Code of Conduct is stricter than the law in many respects, and we are consciously going beyond what is required with additional, binding rules – because not everything that is legal is necessarily right. And we comply strictly with these rules.

The Code of Conduct establishes clarity. An essential part of these rules is the handling of confidential information and compliance with competition rules. Conflicts of interest, such as secondary employment, are also clarified. Questions concerning the prevention of corruption and money-laundering are answered. One important section covers donations and sponsorships that we give as well as gifts and invitations that we give or receive. Nearly all these rules are a matter of course and were already being complied with in the past. However, these rules are now binding and apply to all employees of the UNIQA Group – from the Management Board to an apprentice. No-one is exempt.

Download Code of Conduct

If you have any questions regarding our Code of Conduct please feel free to contact our compliance team: compliance@uniqa.at