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Participation @ PlovdivConf

We are excited to announce our participation in the upcoming Plovdiv Conf 2023 as part of the annual IT Tour.

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UNIQA Software-Service Bulgaria is a software company based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. USS BG provides a wide range of software development and IT consulting services for UNIQA Insurance Group. The company was established in 2007 and our internal organization and processes are integrated with the processes of our main partner UNIQA IT Service, Vienna.

An international management team guides USS BG to be a reliable partner to the insurance companies in the UNIQA Group and manages to keep it a competitive company and a great place to work.


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This is what your future colleagues are saying

"Working in a stable company like USS BG means opportunity to maintain a career in a less stressful environment, develop new skills  and have enough time for my personal interests. I enjoy mostly the positive interaction with my colleagues, good cooperation and friendly atmosphere."

Boryana Dimitrova
Data Engineer

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This is what your future colleagues are saying

“I am familiar with the reputation of the company and I am proud to work for a company like UNIQA. I am a firm believer in a team approach to working toward a common goal, and I know that my experience in Cloud Services has prepared me well for this position. I was even more attracted by the opportunity of the developing a platform from a totally new environment which requires Greenfield development approach.”

Nikola Nikolov
DevOps Engineer

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This is what your future colleagues are saying

“UNIQA Software Services Bulgaria as part of UNIQA has the highest corporate standards (speaking about rules, procedures). This ensures well establishing structure, defined responsibilities, cross function/ department collaboration. USS BG provides the top level software tools/ application in order to fulfill my duties (JIRA, Confluence). USS BG/ UNIQA delivers access to the latest technology in the IT world – Cloudera, SAP, Azure. USS BG ensures we as IT people to have the top hardware – laptops. USS BG has the most modern and well equipped office workspace I ever had. Greatest flexibility I ever experienced, ultimate work/ personal life balance. USS BG gives me the opportunity to openly discuss all aspects of daily activities, areas of improvements. And of course to be well informed about all changes, future initiatives, projects and feeling really as part of a big international working community of UNIQA.”

Radmil Pandev
Data Engineer & UEDH Solution Owner

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This is what your future colleagues are saying

"I have been working for UNIQA as a PEGA Developer for nine months. Working at USS Bulgaria is nice because colleagues are professional and always supportive. USS Bulgaria is an innovative company that works with new technologies that help you at work. "

Aleksandar Kehayov
PEGA developer

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This is what your future colleagues are saying

"I'm proud to be a part of the team behind USS BG. Working here is gratifying, the effort of each employee is recognized and valued, and our management team is always open to feedback and suggestions. The company is constantly and consistently investing resources in the learning and development of our people, and offer many appealing career opportunities. In addition, USS BG offers excellent working conditions, flexible hours, stability and competitive remuneration. The work culture at the company is professional yet friendly and everyone is always giving their best."

Maria Yancheva
HR Expert

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This is what your future colleagues are saying

“For me working in USS BG is like finding my second home. Here I get the trust and appreciation that I need to realize my own capacity and push forward to develop it, I find the support that I need when I go through difficult times, here I deep dive into friendly atmosphere and benefit from the multicultural team spirit. Last but not least, there are no walls here - open communication with all levels of management helps me affect future decisions and contribute to reach company’s goals. All these essential factors make me feel confident to recommend USS BG as the best employer!”

Vanya Dimitrova
Business Analyst

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This is what your future colleagues are saying

“USS is an abbreviation of "UNIQA Software Services" but in my mind it also stands for three other words: Understanding, Stability and Success. "Understanding," because there is nothing more important than being understood and supported by your team and manager. And being part of the company for nearly three years, I've never felt misunderstood or neglected. "Stability," because we are here to stay. We all saw what happened in a moment of crisis. There were so many "fancy" employers, claiming they were the best and yet, a couple of months after COVID, almost everyone was forced to lay off up to 80% of their staff. USS stood strong and steady even in these dire times. "Success" because we are here to build a better future together. USS never stops expanding and we are constantly providing new places and opportunities. Java, Groovy, SAP, Splunk, Testing and Data Analysis, Azure, AWS... You name it - we have it.”

Pavlin Paunov
PEGA Developer

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This is what your future colleagues are saying

“I choose to work for USS BG mainly because of the people/colleagues. Since the first interview I liked their working style, the atmosphere within the company, and I was convinced that I want to be part of the team. Also important advantage is the opportunity to work for international projects with different colleagues on daily basis. In USS BG the work life balance between is not a myth. Last but not least, the company offers really great perks and wonderful opportunities for further development and robust jobs.”

Svetoslav Kakalchev
Scrum Master

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Our employees are
paramount to us

The people working at USS BG are fantastic professionals, and working with them is efficient and highly enjoyable. At USS BG, employees strike a balance between work and family and have the choice to work either in our splendid office or from the comfort of their homes. Our experts develop software solutions tailored to the needs of the insurance business of UNIQA Group. Maintaining high standards and providing quality and stable software is our priority.

We foster a wonderful working environment that encourages initiative, energy, creativity, teamwork, and a sense of ease during work.

Working hours

We have flexibility regarding the start and end of the workday, aiming to accommodate the needs and lifestyles of our employees while ensuring that it does not disrupt the workflow and meetings of other team members.

work possibility

The company offers a remote and hybrid work model, tailored to the personal needs and preferences of colleagues, as well as the necessity of having a presence in the office for the smooth operation of the teams. For colleagues starting at a junior level, we prefer their presence in the office during the onboarding phase.

health insurance

The company provides an additional health insurance plan that includes dental coverage.

Food vouchers

Our perks include also food vouchers, that make working at our company even more rewarding.


We offer a wide range of trainings.

Career development

Our colleague have the possibility to apply for internal positions and grow within our organisation.

Foreign language

Colleagues who are eager to enhance their skills have the opportunity to participate in various foreign language classes organized by USS BG.

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