We had a fantastic time welcoming Rene Roider, Managing Director at UITS, to Plovdiv! Following the visit of Christian Gosch, we had a delightful Open-door café event where we had the chance to connect directly with Rene. It was an exciting opportunity to learn more about his management perspective on our organization.



As the responsible managing director for the UITS department Collaboration & Service Enablement, Rene plays a pivotal role alongside Udo Itzinger, Christoph Gruber, Rolf Bayer, Andreas Eisenberger, and Andrea Kufner. Together, they oversee crucial IT areas such as Security, Workplace, DevOps, Service Transition & Design, and Testing. Therefore we were eager to hear from Rene about the challenges and future strategies within his department as it directly impacts our colleagues in those teams as well as the whole organization of UITS.

To wrap up the event, we enjoyed wonderful after-work cocktails and delicious ice cream, strengthening our bonds and creating joyful memories with our colleagues.

A big thank you to Rene for joining us and sharing his valuable insights. This is a great way to foster collaboration and growth within our organization, making each moment count!

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